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Paradise Wedding & Event

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Getting Ready Bride & Groom

The groom getting ready is the one part of the Wedding that the Bride does not see on the day, and is an integral part of the Wedding and we love revealing to the Bride the macho antics and silliness that her man and his mates get up to before the wedding, but more importantly the care that the Groom takes to look his best for his beautiful bride’s most important day of her life.


  • Introduce the ceremony 


  • Introduce the reception content

Location Photos

  • Including location photos & pre wedding photos

Epic Moment

  • Special moment – emotive, wow, epic moment, etc.

Family & Guest

  • Who need give thanks to


How will you remember your special day when it’s passed? We believe every couple should remember their wedding day in a breathtaking cinematic way. And a cinematic reference is the only way to capture and relive the emotions, the words and speeches, t the vows, the laughter, and keep them forever. Wouldn’t you want a movie to document your big day, after all the time & effort you’ve put in?

Our friendly, relaxed and skilful team of professionals offer you a complete experience with no hidden surprises. Your wedding filmed with quality equipment.

Competitive pricing and a professional finish we know you will love and cherish forever.

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